Whether you are a writer or a recording artist, GoldRhyme Publishing can help.

Recording artists can find some great published and unpublished material. Some of the artists who have recorded our music are Glenn Medeiros, Mickey Gilley, Bert Wills, the Jordanaires, Ruben Gomez, Glenda Lynn, and more. Contact us to receive our catalog of songs as well as other catalogs that we administer. Let us know if you would like to receive a MP3 of one of our songs to consider for recording purposes.

Writers are excited about GoldRhyme's contacts. They pitch their songs to artists, managers, and A&R personnel. GoldRhyme will copyright your songs, clear them with your performance affiliate (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC), and collect royalties. Mechanical and synchronization licenses are arranged and issued. Email us if you are interested in GoldRhyme publishing your work.
GoldRhyme provides services for new solo or group artists.  We provide representation to major labels, representation to distribution companies, and more. 

Artist development deals are available to select recording artists.  Also, artist label management services are available.  These services would include obtaining necessary clearances and licensing, accounting, manufacturing and contract administration.  

An artist can have their own label while we provide the back office support to free the artist for creative work.  We work to monitor and protect your rights as a composer and/or recording artist.