Todays Featured Artist: Archie Bell
Albums: There's Gonna Be A Showdown Again

Single: Beach Vacation

Archie's Website

  1. K1
  2. Jesse Villarreal
  3. Bert Wills
  4. Joel Stein
  5. La Sombra de Tony Guerrero
  6. David Olivarez

Albums:  Marionette
                    Please Forward
                    In the Time of the Home Parade

Joel Stein
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Singles: Cpsas del Amor (Online)

Albums: Aqui Esta (Online)

Tu Y Yo (Hard Copy)
Amiga Mia (Hard Copy)


  1. Peggy Foreman
  2. Vern Gosdin
  3. Floyd Christopher
  4. Joe "Guitar" Hughes
  5. The Jordanaires
  6. Writers
Albums: Texas Guitar Slinger 

Hard Copy Only
Albums: Rhinestone Christian

Hard Copy Only
We have a wide range of writers in our catalog of songs.  

Some of our more popular ones are Glenn Medeiros, Vern Gosdin,  Bert Wills, Tony Guerrero, Maria Ramirez, Joel Stein,  Jesse Villarreal, Joe Martinez and Norman Whitelaw.

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